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Individual or group classes - Portuguese, Spanish and English

My method is centered on understanding your individual needs and helping you discover your own motivations and inspirations. From there, I'll show you the tools you need to bring your ideas to life in an authentic and meaningful way.

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Watercolour Painting & Drawing

Do you feel like making art but fear you don't have the "talent"?


If you've always wanted to draw and paint but think you don't have the talent, I have something new to share with you: talent is not an innate gift. Talented people are those who dedicate themselves to becoming excellent at an activity. 


What's more, in art, there is no right or wrong. It's about expression, and for that art offers us a wide variety of styles, forms and means to create freely.


My classes are focused on the process where I invite you to explore the world of art without fear or judgment.

Creative Process

Bring your ideas to life!


Have you ever felt stuck with a project, unsure of how to bring your ideas to life? If you'’e someone with a vision, understanding the creative process is essential for turning ideas into reality.


If you have a project swirling around in your mind but you're not sure how to put it on paper or where to start, these classes are designed for you. Together, we'll explore the creative process not just in theory, but through real-life application. Through hands-on exercises and collaborative exploration, you'll learn how to navigate each step of the creative journey.


By the end of our sessions, you'll have a deeper understanding of the creative process and the confidence to apply it to any endeavor. Whether you're aiming to launch a business, write a novel, or simply infuse more creativity into your daily life, these classes will equip you with the tools and insights to unlock your creative potential.

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