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About me

I'm a Brazilian artist, passionate about the power of visual representation and the narrative behind each portrait. My work focuses mainly on creating portraits of black women, using a combination of watercolor, India ink and pencil to bring my creations to life.


My portraits seek to provoke reflection on fundamental issues of feminism, class and race. I firmly believe that these elements play crucial roles in shaping individual identities and, through my art, I seek to amplify these often under-represented voices and experiences.


My work focuses on the expression of the human figure, capturing nuance and emotion through line and color. Each portrait is a story in itself, a window into the lives and experiences of the people I depict.

With a multidisciplinary background, I began my studies in Social Communication and Political Science, and after a few years I turned to Illustration and Fine Arts. This mix helped me develop technical skills and a deeper understanding of the world around me. This diversity of knowledge is reflected in my multidimensional approach to art, where I find inspiration and insights from a variety of sources and disciplines.


Ultimately, my goal is to create works that are not only visually pleasing, but also provoke dialog and reflection. Every stroke, every brushstroke, is an attempt to capture the essence of the human experience and share it with the world.


I hope my art resonates with you as much as it resonates with me.

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