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The Iconic Woman project is a portraits series of some of the great woman who inspire me everyday.


This one is from Carolina de Jesus. She was a Brazilian writer, best known for her book Dumping Room published in 1960. She’s considered one of the most important Brazilian black writer. Carolina lived most of her life at favela do Caninde, in Sao Paulo, supporting herself and her three children as a slum-dweller.In August 1960, her diary came to the attention of a Brazilian journalist, and was published to became a bestseller.The book was also translated in 14 languages. She was also a poet and music writer. Her body of work remains as study object in many countries, besides Brazil


Carolina de Jesus

  • Material:

    - Heavyweight matte paper, 300g

    - watercolor and black indian ink



    - 29,05 X 41 cm

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